We are a leading manufacturer of polymer additives, with a focus on amides produced from renewable vegetable-based sources. Our amides are used as slip and anti-block agents in polymers and have applications spanning multiple products and industries. 


At Pathwel, we understand the important role that chemicals play in our everyday lives. Therefore, we maintain close relationships with our customers to best understand their needs. We are proud of our dedication to working intimately with our customers and delivering solutions to their problems. Our philosophy is that our customers' success is our success. Pathwel constantly strives to improve products and remain dedicated to customers so that they can confidently rely on us for their polymer additive needs.



State-of-the-art production facility


Pathwel operates a new state-of-the-art production plant in Jincheon, Korea, built in 2016. Our plant has been built to the highest safety standards to not only ensure quality but also supply stability. Furthermore, we have heavily invested in making our plant an environmentally friendly one by strictly minimizing its impact on the environment. 



Proud legacy


With our history dating back to 1974, Pathwel has the knowledge and experience we can leverage to work closely with our customers to meet their needs. We invite you to learn about our history in detail. 



Contributions to making the world a better place


Furthermore, as we grow, we also strongly believe that we must share our success by giving back to the society and take pride in being socially responsible. In particular, we believe in investing in children because they are the future, which is why our philanthropic efforts are focused on helping children grow and reach their potential.






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